vision strategy

Core values

Our Core Values work alongside our Vision in helping us

play our role in God's story -- both individually and as a community of faith

  • To Grow Spiritually

    We are called to become disciples of Jesus Christ so that we can “be and do" Jesus in showing the world who God is, what God cares about, and who God cares about. As such, we encourage and help each other in becoming more like Jesus through Sunday worship, Life Groups, Growth Track, and our Serve Team. 

  • To Develop RelationshipS

    God desires for us to experience truth, grace, love and mercy as we live life together – sharing hurts, celebrating joys, and facing struggles on our lifelong journey with God. This authenticity is born out of honesty, persistence and intentionality. Through authentic relationships with each other we can grow in our faith, experience hope and be launched together into God’s kingdom revolution.  Therefore, we encourage everyone to become a part of a Midland Naz Life Group.

  • To Reach Out

    We are called to be salt and light to the world. The purpose of salt is to prevent things from becoming rotten, to enhance flavor, to make us thirsty for something – God; and the purpose of light is to point us to something – God. Salt left in the salt shaker and light that is hidden are useless. Thus, as a community of faith, we strive to allow God to "light us up" and shake us into our communities on a daily basis by developing relationships with our co-workers and neighbors and by serving on the Midland Naz Serve Team.