the midland nazarene team

Our staff here at Mid Naz are committed to using their gifts to help you reach your God potential.

Additionally, we have a group of people from within our congregation who lead in different areas of our ministries.

Click on each picture for more information about each person involved here at Midland Nazarene.



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    YOUTH  Pastor

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  • Pastor Chuck

    CARE pastor

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  • Jessica Briggs

    family MINIsTRIES director

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  • Anna HOTOPP

    worship Leader

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  • Amy kelly


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  • Donella nielsen

    administrative assistant

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Our Leadership team

Renita Bonadies, Finance

Layne Schroeder (Doug Suderman), Outreach

Dale Billingsley, Facilities

Anna Hotopp, Media & Sound

Brad Kennedy, Worship/Media

Autumn Davis, Welcome Team

Phyllis Jacobson, In Reach

Dave Lefevor, Missions

Dave Lister, Discipleship

Cassey Hadley, Prayer