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We are all about helping people -- no matter what age -- Know God, Find Freedom, Discover our Purpose, and Play our Role in God's Story.  From newborns to seniors, MidNaz has a group and a vision for every age, and we would love to have you get connected here so we can help you play your role in God's story.

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age groups

Below are some great options for getting involved here at MidNaz.  

Click on the icon to the left of the picture to read more about each area.

  • Children's ministry

    Click the Town Square Kids logo to read about our Children's Ministry here at MidNaz led by Autumn Davis. From birth to 5th grade, there are classes and programs set up to help your child know God, find freedom, discover their purpose, and play their role in God's story.  Click HERE to contact Autumn.

  • Youth Ministry

    Click the Project 52 logo to read about our Youth Ministry here at MidNaz. From 6th-12th grade, students are taught about who God is, who they are, and how to live out their faith in a real way. 

  • Life groups

    Click the Life Groups logo to read about our Small Group program here at MidNaz led by Shannon Cauchi.  There are groups for all ages, so we invite you to become a part of a community of people who will encourage and help shape you as you live out your God-potential.  Click HERE to contact Shannon. 

family intersection

Check out the resources for parents in the office hallway.  You will find out about what is happening each month in Children's and Youth Ministries, a close-up look at the different stages of spiritual development, tools for family discipleship, and more.  It is our privilege to make your children feel welcome and loved while they are in the Town Square, and to equip you in building their faith at home.

Watch the video below for more information about the Family Intersection.

Spiritual development

At Midland Naz, our vision is to help people Know God, Find Freedom, Discover our Purpose, and Play our Role in God's Story. This drives everything we do, including our children’s and youth ministries. The Spiritual Development Plan was designed with our mission in mind using the stages of cognitive development to intentionally lay out what children are to learn and how they are to learn it in a way that makes sense to them at every age from birth through high school. Our goal is for kids and teens to leave high school with a solid faith in Jesus Christ, have a better understanding of the church, discover their purpose, and play their role in God’s story.

Click HERE to view the Spiritual Development Plan